ABOUT: is an award-winning visionary branding agency based in Athens. The full-service creative agency, formed in 2006 by two creative directors, Faye Papargyropoulou and Konstantinos Giannakis, whose ambition is the same today as it was then — to bring together strategic design and intelligent thinking. Since 2017, ABOUT: and HAUS creative agency have joined their inspiration and creativity in order to work together for the branding and rebranding of several national and international brands.

Since 2006, ABOUT: houses inspiration and creativity where like-minded, passionate people can work under one roof, specializing in developing honest branding projects, making ideas more insightful and effective, sharing unique ideas, and bring them to life. It’s all ABOUT: the creation of visual brand strategy, brand positioning, and project implementation in the field of corporate and consumer identity. It’s all ABOUT: simplicity, strategy, functionality, dialogue with clients, and hard work in order to create a strong, lasting, and remarkable design, brand, message, or campaign. Simple and personal.

Our process helps us create head-turning brands, but it means nothing if those turning heads aren’t moved to action that drives results. We work with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to big brands, to create products and services —print and digital— that solve the problems of today as well as define the opportunities of the future.

ABOUT: makes everything needed to capture peoples’ hearts and minds. To compel them to call, click, comment, share and buy. ABOUT: considers every project as unique, over the last 15 years we’ve grown, but there’s always a single component at its heart: a passionate idea and how to make the intangible, tangible.

Contact us if you are open to change.

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Who are you? Who is the target? You can’t be everything to everyone.
People can spot in authenticity from a mile away. Instead of trying to be everything and falling short of anything, as a visionary communication agency, we uncover insights that position your brand with empathy and a stake in the ground others will want to get behind. We provide the full spectrum of services required to make a product or service work, which includes:

Creative strategy

Branding design consultancy | Positioning

Creative concept

Naming & logo

Branding | Rebranding

Brand identity development


Packaging design

Spatial design | Signage


Advertising campaign

Above | Below the line campaign

Digital campaign | strategy & development

Social media strategy & content

Digital activation

Email marketing

Online advertising

Web & app design

Content production

UX | UI design

Digital art



Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the most formidable production studios, agencies, and startups. ABOUT: has been created a creative network of associates that exchanges experience and knowledge. So we collaborate with a nimble team of creative specialists, designers, illustrators, architects, photographers, and artists that is compelling enough to stop the thumb from scrolling past, and start the love affair with your brand. Its agile format came from the observation that brands have multiplied their actions with the explosive growth of the number of media. Consequently, our variety of services expands to:

Photography & Styling

Original typeface design

Video/motion graphics



Physical interactions/kiosks

Handcrafted products’ methods & experience



A Hotel Mykonos


Apriati Deluxe Brand


Attica Dps



Benaki Museum Shop



Eleni Orfanou Jewellery

Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades

Fragos | Maison Marasil

Four Angels


Home & Hotel Deco

JackieO' Mykonos

Katsika Tinos

Le Marché Boutique

Linea Piu

Mary Gaitani


Organic 3s

Papadatos | Intro


Rewarding Recycling

Room | Bagno Fantasia

The Artist Athens

Saluti da Stampalia Suites

Seven Suites

Star Channel

Stelios Parliaros



Verina Hotels Sifnos

Virtù Suites

West East Suites

Yellow Greek Pages | | 11811

5 Hermoupolis Concept Sites

270 Oias View

be the next one...



Our methodology is research based and aligned with the objectives of each individual project or client.


Analysis & strategy development

Stage 1

Analysis of business and communication goals

Analysis of communication materials

Competitive analysis

Target audience analysis: needs and barriers, cultural insights and trends


Stage 2

Development of a brand platform: mission, vision, values, functional and emotional benefits, brand idea, brand character




Visual brand concept & Visual identity

Stage 1

Visual brand hypotheses

Identification of communication channels


Stage 2

Basic elements of identity: colour palette and typography, module grid, graphics, photography, video etc.

Design of communication materials: print and digital. Environmental design, advertising, signage, packaging, digital artworks etc.



Implementation of visual identity

Stage 1

Support for the visual brand strategy on every stage of implementation


Stage 2

Curation/audit of visual identity development

Recommendations on further development


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