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We stand as a visionary bridge between the physical and digital realms, committed to catalyzing bold change with a sense of responsibility, care, and regeneration. As bold inspirers, makers, and thinkers, we harness the transformative power of creativity to instigate behavioral shifts and foster enduring value. Our philosophy upholds simplicity, rejecting complexity in favor of beautiful clarity that invites inclusivity and continuous innovation. We embrace imperfection as a driving force for disruption, urging us to start today, iterate, and improve fearlessly. At the heart of our manifesto lies the profound understanding that everything is connected, and every action shapes the intricate web of existence. ABOUT invites you to join a movement that prioritizes bravery, excitement, and optimism, crafting experiences that resonate deeply and acknowledge the profound interconnectedness of our world.

Redefining brand journeys, creating boundary-pushing experiences in visuals and narrative exploration is who we are


We are an award-winning visionary branding agency based in Athens. The full-service creative agency, formed in 2006 by two creative directors, Faye Papargyropoulou and Konstantinos Giannakis, whose ambition is the same today as it was then — to bring together strategic design and intelligent thinking. At ABOUT, we specialize in the branding and rebranding of both national and international brands. Our focus is on crafting identities that not only resonate but also endure through time. Since 2006, ABOUT houses inspiration and creativity where like-minded, passionate people can work under one roof, specializing in developing honest branding projects, making ideas more insightful and effective, sharing unique ideas, and bring them to life. It’s all ABOUT the creation of visual brand strategy, brand positioning, and project implementation in the field of corporate and consumer identity. It’s all ABOUT simplicity, strategy, functionality, dialogue with clients, and hard work in order to create a strong, lasting, and remarkable design, brand, message, or campaign. Simple and personal.


Our strategy process begins with immersive workshops to identify key opportunities aligned with responsible initiatives. In design, we lead the charge in creating beautiful, useful, and durable products for the future. Through challenging category conventions, we deliver real change, crafting industry-leading brands that drive a better tomorrow.

We believe in a holistic approach to design that ensures the seamless transformation of ideas into compelling, visionary brand experiences. Our design process encompasses four distinct phases, each carefully crafted to maximize creativity, innovation, and client collaboration.


Visionary Exploration


Strategic Definition


Creative Realization


Evolution & Delivery

Our creative space

Our studio, nestled within the enchanting walls of a neoclassical masterpiece, offers a sanctuary for creativity and exploration. With plenty of natural light flooding in, our spacious rooms provide the ideal setting for inspired ideas to take flight. But that’s not all – we also have “The Lab,” a special space where we let our imaginations run wild. Here, we break free from rules and conventions, diving into playful experiments and exciting discoveries.

The team

Our team is a dedicated group of specialists who share a profound admiration for design, order, narrative, light, bravery, simplicity, and perspective. Together, we unite our expertise to innovate and inspire, committed to shaping a brighter future through our collective work.

Faye Papargyropoulou


Konstantinos Giannakis

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Marianna Kelali

Creative Director

Stefania Koulocheri

Senior Designer

Chloe Nika

Designer & Illustrator

Aggelos Tsiatos


Archontoula Xanthopoulou

Digital Marketing Partner

Apostolis Koukousas

Editorial Photographer

Giorgos Sfakianakis

Architectural Photographer


Front Desk Receptionist & Bodyguard