Benaki Museum | Shop Rebranding

The Context

We elevated the Benaki Museum’s elegance and establishment as a nowdays cultural modern institution, through a beautiful simplicity and creative optimism.


Establishing a strong, humanistic and vibrant color parallel to a strong modernistic typography we knew we would have to make that balance work for an audience that actively wants to trust, but needs also a strong arty feeling. From well educated ladies to young art freak addicts, Benaki Museum variable audience needed a playful creative expression. We then designed the entire Benaki Museum Shop identity and packaging, and ensured the approach was reflected across numerous touch points. We created an identity that brought together the art feeling of the shops design paraphernalia and the attitude audience. Evenmore, when it came to packaging, we developed solutions that blur the boundaries between modernist inspired aesthetic and more fashion-like sensibilities like the typographic ribbon. Benaki Museum Shop is welcoming its new era.