Make My Day | Naming, Branding & Packaging


Realizing Areti’s vision & dreams and put them in beautifully curved transparent eco-friendly glass containers. Areti is a mom. She has traveled a lot, read a lot, and loves a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Sourcing and working alongside all those primal ethics’ standards that Areti expresses and paying extraordinary attention to detail we created an experience that offers beauty, purity, and carelessness.


Black linear graphics (a combination of illustrations and typography) —which intensify the purity and the spirituality of the holistic process— were carefully applied. The result is an identity that exudes its own distinct confidence and clarity and is in keeping with the company itself — as precise as it is understated. We created an intelligent concept playing with words and atmospheres. Make my day means make my afternoon or make my evening, too. Make every minute of my everyday life. These words are being reflected perfectly on that incredibly recognizable smiley face. Make my day re-tells the story of a true healthy —but most all— a holistic way of life. Our main purpose was just that. To underline through its identity, the origin of that — truly individual— brand.